Net-dot-work is a company of Jan F├╝lscher and Dariush Daftarian.

Jan F├╝lscher has extensive experience in the ICT and start-up industry. He's an active member of several organisations in both fields and works with corporate customers and startups in the ICT industry, government and NPOs. His rolodex includes about 4'000 adresses.

Jan has a Master Degree of Arts in Economic Sciences and Business Administration from Z├╝rich University. His diploma thesis was about networks of people in merger situations.

He's worked with large and small companies as Management Consultant and Engineer. In the start-up industry, his focusing is on strategy and financing; he's recognized expert in the field. He's involved with about a dozen startup companies.

You can reach Jan via e-Mail: jfu@net-dot-work.ch. More information about him can be found on janfuelscher.ch (in German).

Dariush Daftarian has an excellent network in the areas of marketing, media and start-up industry. He has set up a marketing strategy consulting and implementation company and he was or is running a number of initiatives in the start-up industry. His rolodex includes about 3'000 adresses.

Dariush is working on his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administraton at the University of St. Gallen.

Dariush has developed and implemented marketing strategies for corporate customers and NGOs. In addition, he has helped a large number of start-up companies to get up and running. 

You can reach Dariush via e-Mail: dad@net-dot-work.ch. More information about him can be found on cdg-mark.ch (in German).

Net-dot-work has been developed because of our common and firm belief that in current times, networks of people are in many cases the most effective means of reaching goals. We want to help our customers to build more effective networks and we can provide our networks - which were costly and took many years to set up - to help our customers to reach their goals.


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