In many situations, setting up a business network of people is an effective way to reach a goal.

Key questions to address are:

  • How should you design and implement your business network in order to reach your goals? 
  • Who are the right people to work with? Where can you find them?
  • What are suitable mechanisms to make this business network long-lasting, stable and growing?

Net-dot-work may be able to help you with designing and implementing such a network. We do this by:

  • Determining all the parties required to implement the goal and developing a business model and flow of goods, services, information and money between those parties;
  • Helping you finding suitable persons in your and, if possible, our business networks;
  • Helping you setting up your business network by getting the flow of goods, services, information and money going.

If you would like us to discuss your specific requirements, and whether and how a people network might be able to solve them, please feel free to contact us.

Setting up your pull marketing business network

Very often, the goal is to set up an effective B2B or B2C marketing and acquisition business network. To reach this goal, we've developed a standard pull marketing strategy consisting of the following elements:

  • One or more USPs which are easy to understand and very valuable to your intended customers;
  • Standard PR measures including press releases and presence in social media;
  • A number of ambassadors, experts in the field, who can convincingly support you by communicating your excellence in the field;
  • A community of "fans" who believe in you and your services;
  • Events that focus on your area of expertise and where potential demand can be converted into concrete leads.

If you're interested in discussing how this pull marketing approach can solve your specific situation, please contact us.




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